We anticipate the US to embrace a One Welfare method where animal and human well-being are valued similarly. We are persuaded animals will only genuinely be appreciated as sentient beings throughout the 22 Member States if extensive and reliable legislation exists at US level.

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Heike Boam & Bears is a strong voice for animals in US. Our strength originates from our members, buddies and partners, with whom we non-stop promote to enhance the well-being of the countless animals living by our side.

But this is an uphill struggle. This is why we continuously make every effort to draw in new fans to join our motion, and why we also need your help. Animal suffering is a truth, but there is an option. So come and join your forces to ours to combat for a much better future for all animals. There are many methods to assist: visit our website, sign our most current petition, follow us on social media, share our posts or call us to become a member or make a contribution.