The Great Potential of the Marine World


Human beings developed from marine organisms’ countless years back, and are still quite connected to their roots, which accommodates their ever-demanding “needs”. The huge capacity of the richness of marine world has actually in reality looked after the everyday dietary requirements of humans, daily … this post has to do with checking out one such prospective!

Complex Ecosystem

The Marine community is vibrant and complicated with a large capacity beyond human understanding. This environment is among the most efficient bio-diversities offering a range of helpful resources, the applications which exceed fundamental dietary needs. Carrageenan or carrageenins – a popular healthy food additive – is drawn out from the red algae types (primarily Kappaphycus and Eucheumaspinosum) known for its broad application spectrum in the food & drink market.


Carrageenan is specified as a family of direct sulfated polysaccharides (carbs) drawn out from red edible seaweeds. It is a colloidal substance gotten from a purplish-brown, cartilaginous seaweed, mainly used as an emulsifying and supporting component in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Kinds of Carrageenan

There are 3 primary kinds of carrageenan: kappa, iota, and lambda, based upon essential distinctions that are commercially utilized. The commonly widespread key in the marketplace is the kappa, which is being progressively used in the food market, where it works as a bodying representative, stabilizer, and emulsifier in meat and dairy items.


There are 3 essential application locations of carrageenan: food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. The food market leads the marketplace with applications in dairy, meat, drinks, and so on.


There are 3 essential practical functions showed by carrageenan as a food additive: Firstly, it is extensively used as a thickening representative, especially in low-fat or no-fat foods, like home cheese or sour cream, and as an alternative for fat. Carrageenan thickens foods making them creamier, with a fuller taste.


The 2nd crucial practical function of carrageenan is that of being used as a supporting representative for drinks, like chocolate milk or shakes, which different if they are not shaken. Carrageenan is also used as a gelling representative, especially in dairy and confectionery items, to make them stay company for longer and keep their shape.


Main Hurdles for the marketplace – Carrageenan as a food additive, dealt with a significant obstacle just recently in the United States, where many food producers chose to stop using it as a food additive, especially in baby solutions owing to its carcinogenic capacity.

In some animal research studies, the additive has actually been connected to damaging intestinal concerns, consisting of inflammatory bowel illness and potentially even growth production. Hence, the associated security concern amongst the customers is limiting the development of the international carrageenan market.

Way Ahead

The development trajectory of the carrageenan market is anticipated to be moderate in the future, if not high, as the offered options are not as effective as carrageenan, especially in the meat and dairy markets. Carrageenan shows outstanding capability to bind with water and the syneresis control is necessary in processed meats. Furthermore, a distinct property of carrageenan is its capability to connect with milk proteins, which form an especially strong bond with carrageenan.

The primary regulative firms of the world (US FDA, FAO/WHO JECFA, EU EFSA, and so on) continue to authorize the use of carrageenan as a food additive due to its natural source, in addition to its comprehensive, reputable, and security profile, which appears from its decade-long application.

The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has actually concluded that making use of food-grade carrageenan in infant formula, at concentrations as much as 1,000 milligrams per liter, is “not of concern.”.

Hence, a more pro-active technique in using this food additive, by keeping a security margin by manifold, paired with a clean label guarantee, will lead the way for its sustainable market development.