If you are out trekking in the mountains, then you are a fortunate person because mountains are fantastic locations to be. But, what should you do if you happen to come throughout a bear? You might see a bear at a safe distance or you might occur a curve in the path, surprise a bear and see one up close. What you perform in either situation might save your life.

First Contact

For the very first circumstance – if you see a bear in the wild, here are some pointers to follow. These suggestions are the exact same for both black bears and grizzly bears.

Keep your distance

Give it great deals of area so it does not feel threatened and can leave.

Stay together and stay calm

Stay calm and keep together in a group as you will look bigger. If you have kids with you get them best beside your side or perhaps get very children. Typically, the bear will leave. Usually he wishes to prevent you too.

Stand your ground

Never rest, or play dead. Playing dead when you initially come across a bear might just make the bear curious and trigger him to come over and examine. At the exact same time prepare to use your bear spray.

Do not flee or climb up a tree

Black bears are exceptional climbers, so increasing a tree will not get you far from them. Do not escape because both black and grizzly bears are much faster than you. Most awful of all, fleing might activate their predator impulse and trigger the bear to go after and hunt you down.

Prevent direct eye contact

Eyes on the animal at all times, but never ever straight in the eyes. Direct eye contact might trigger the bear to think that you are threatening it. You want the bear to know he is the one in charge and you are no risk to him.

At all expenses do not get in between a mom and her cubs

Human moms as well as daddies know that there is an effective bond in between a parent and their child. Bears are exceptionally protective of their cubs, so make sure you do not go near them.

Your action to a bear attack does depend upon what sort of bear it is – a black bear or a grizzly bear. If possible, the very first thing you need to do is find out if you are being assaulted by a black bear or a grizzly bear.

Image source: offgridweb.com