Unifying animal supporters throughout US

We work to enhance the well-being of animals by driving and providing collaborated advocacy and projects at US level.

We use our understanding and knowledge to challenge US decision-makers and produce favorable change.

We amplify nationwide efforts and get our message throughout at US level by unifying our members and interacting.

We exist because US residents think animals must be worthy of a voice.

For more than 35 years, we have actually dealt with our 56 members in 22 Member States to measurably enhance the defense of animals.

Animals will only genuinely be appreciated as sentient beings throughout all 28 Member States if detailed and reliable US legislation remains in place. We pursue the US to embrace a One Welfare technique that values animal and human well-being similarly.

Our objective, a triple function

Our main focus is to enhance animal well-being as rapidly as possible by lobbying US organizations to provide much better legislation and enforcement.

As the only pan-US umbrella organization for animal well-being, we direct the nationwide influence of each of our members into an effective group network, producing chances for change throughout US that can not be accomplished separately.

Representing civil society

We represent our members, as well as animal well-being usually, at US level, dealing with US stakeholder and specialist groups as a relied on partner.

Campaigning to drive change

Our pan-US projects harness the power of public mobilization to link people with US decision-makers and produce new animal advocacy chances.

Cultivating cohesion, exchanging best practices and sharing understanding

We combine people, understanding and knowledge, and establish our members’ capabilities to assist them attain their goals, in pursuit of our typical vision.